Monday, October 17, 2016

Styling Book Shelves

Book shelf styling is my favorite.

It's ironic that we call them "book shelves" since the thing I use the least when styling shelves is actual books. Antique books? Yes, please. But like an ugly hardback self help book? Those have a special place in the upstairs closet where no one knows they exist.

I think the most challenging aspect of styling shelves in general is achieving the balance. There are a few things to keep in mind when you tackle this kind of project that can really make or break the end result.

Lean Toward Monochrome 

A monochromatic look basically means varying tones of one color. I normally land on a few different colors but like to stick with white. You know I love me some white. This gives you a flow that can't be achieved when you have too many colors competing for your eyes attention.

Less is More

It's tempting when you're filling a shelf to feel like you actually have to "fill" the shelf. Surprise! You don't. The goal is to make the space look full without making it look busy. It's amazing how little you need to pull this off! Try getting three tall skinny glass vases/jars (mine are from Hobby Lobby) and put a tiny sprig of greenery in the top. Spread them out a bit and batta bing batta boom. One whole shelf.... Done! 

Balance, Balance, Balance

I like to use items of varying heights and widths for my shelves. I also like layering items in front of each other, which gives it kind of an unexpected look. Styling book shelves take a lot of trial and error. I will set something up, take a few steps back to check it out. See what needs to change. Repeat. It's just a process of finding what's pleasing to your eye. 

Try Everything

I pull in some really random decor when styling my bookshelves. You'll see baskets, candlesticks, jars, old scales, and yes, sometimes even books. Don't limit yourself to things you think should or would look good. Step outside the box and you'll probably end up loving the process and the outcome!

Hope that helps you out a bit especially if you've been putting off designing empty shelves for too long. A list of resources for my office shelves is below. Hope you have a great day, friend!



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