Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Taking Great Family Pictures

Ok, if you're new to my blog, you will figure something out very quickly about me...

I LOVE Christmas. Like big time fan. Maybe the biggest.

One of my favorite parts of the whole season is running to the mailbox (yes, I do literally run to the mailbox) to check the mail for the happiest mail of the whole year!

Christmas Cards!

If you send me one, bless you. I am giddy with anticipation to open it!

So sorry. Need to chill out with exclamation points.

I look forward to styling what we are going to wear for our Christmas card photos every year and it should come as no surprise that I do a lot of research for family outfit combos. Ours are coming up so here's a little peak at what you'll see coming to a mailbox near you...





When planning Christmas photos, I find that I always lean toward a combination of a few different patterns and textures. From year to year, the winners that make the cut are always

Faux Fur
Forest Green
Hunter Rain Boots

I use this list as a jumping off point each year. I learned one year that I'd prefer to not be the one in the faux fur vest because if the camera added ten pounds, the fur vest added another 20. #nothanks

No matter which direction you're leaning with your inspo, I always tend to plan my outfit first and then build everyone else off of that. Keep in mind when coordinating multiple outfits that you don't want to repeat a pattern or texture more than once.

For instance: If you're going with plaid, it's ok to have different plaid patterns but I'd suggest only having it on two people. If you're using a statement piece like a blazer on a family member, just let them be the only one to rock it.

I have very little experience styling boys #girlmom but one of my favorite combos is a chambray button down with a bow tie, khakis, and forest green hunter boots. Tuck the khakis into the boots to make sure they're seen!

Be sure to EAT before your pictures. Also, bring snacks and water just in case. I normally have a baggy of mnm's in my pocket to aid in the cooperative process. Works like a charm!

Some of my favorite pictures of our family have been the natural more non-posed variety. Sometimes it feels awkward trying to achieve it but just think "movement". Walking, ticking the kiddos, smiling at each other, looking at each other and not just the camera. Gone are the days of the perfect family picture being based solely upon whether or not everyone involved is looking and smiling at the same time. Just walk around and do your thang. Let your photographer do the work.

I hope this helps and may the odds ever be in your favor when taking your family pictures this year.



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